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Posted on 05 Jan 2015, 17:51
Just a quick question, who is still using the forum?


Posted on 06 Jan 2015, 10:07
I've just joined and intend to pick your brains in the future.


Posted on 06 Jan 2015, 17:13
Your welcome to pick my brains when ever you like sammy........not many replies though yet lol


Posted on 07 Jan 2015, 21:00
oh it seems the club really has died of death! such a shame that ive offered to help too!! why did i join is what im asking myself now?


Posted on 08 Jan 2015, 19:20
Hi Steve, you seem to be correct, the club has died the death, if you ever fancy a decent track day, we regularly get together at Blyton, near Gainsborough , usually with Danny , who actually builds and supplies the mk Indy from mk sports cars, also this year he and quite a few others will be racing in the BARC north easer races, I will probably be racing my MK Stealth,, cheers. Dave


Posted on 08 Jan 2015, 21:30
I would be interested dave, i know danny so will message him and ask him to keep me informed about them