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Posted on 12 Apr 2011, 23:50
Hi all I bought Jack Tait's Indy R a couple of weeks back. Here she is at her new home:
Just a quick post to say hi. I'm in North Yorkshire so hopefully will see some of you at any meets up this way. I'm at Oulton Park ont he 27th for my first track day in the Indy. Cheers Rich


Posted on 13 Apr 2011, 02:58
Welcome to the club Leg


Posted on 15 Apr 2011, 20:11
Hi Leg and welcome..your car looks like a gem mate!!


Posted on 19 Apr 2011, 15:44
Hey up Leg...Your car looks awesome mate


Posted on 19 Apr 2011, 17:09
Thanks guys, hats off to jack and Phil Tait, they built the car.It was featured in Complete Kit Car August 2010. Here she is with my other cars. E92 V8 M3 and John Cooper Works R56 Mini. got a 4x4 too for family bus and track day towing duties...


Posted on 19 Apr 2011, 17:10
Steam powered forum. Rolls eyes, wanders off muttering.


Posted on 20 Apr 2011, 20:56
Hi bud and welcome, that looks like a well sorted MK, nice!!


Posted on 25 Apr 2011, 15:50
Apologies Leg, the forum is one made from scratch so lacks certain features at the min. I'll be sure to sort out the posting of images soon though


Posted on 28 Apr 2011, 20:13
Sorry mate, im a grumpy git sometimes. Age. Nope, wife says Ive always been grumpy.